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When you visit our site, information about you and your usage of the site is collected, which is used to see, among other things, how many visitors we have on our site, and which pages attract the most attention in which periods and from which geographical locations we have most visitors. If you do not want information collected, you should opt out of the use of Analyze cookies under "cookies" on this page. Below we have elaborated on what information is collected and their purpose.


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The website uses "cookies", which is a text file that is stored on your computer, tablet or mobile for the purpose of recognizing your device and remembering your settings as well as performing statistics and targeting the content accordingly. Cookies cannot contain malicious files such as. virus or something else. It is possible to delete or block cookies. See the instructions at


You may choose to prevent this website from aggregating and analyzing the actions you take here. Doing so will protect your privacy, but will also prevent the owner from learning from your actions and creating a better experience for you and other users.

Data Collection

Personal information is any kind of information that can be attributed to a person. When you use our website, we typically collect and process the following types of information: A unique ID, technical information about your used device, geographic location (country and urban area), and which pages you click on. This only happens as long as you are on our website. We have chosen that your IP address will be anonymized in our analysis tool.

Analysis tools

In order to give us the best insight and comparison of data for our website, we use the following analytis tools, which are based on the above anonymous data: Matomo. 

Data storage


We have taken technical and organizational measures to prevent your information from being accidentally or illegally deleted, disclosed, lost, impaired or misunderstood, misused or otherwise treated in violation of law. In the unlikely event of a data break, all affected users will be contacted within 72 hours of notifying which data has been lost, as well as a guide to what to do with it. Our first priority in such situations is to close the security hole to minimize data loss for users.

Data protection

We take care of your data, as we do with our own, so we protect our (and your) data with the following initiatives that we keep updated at all times: SSL Encryption, Firewall, Password Enhancement Authentication, logging, monitoring and backup.

Data Storage Length

Analytical data is anonymized and archived for 26 months in order to see and follow our online growth and improve our activity.

Personal data is permanently deleted or anonymized as the purpose for which they were collected is terminated. 

We store your personal information as long as we have an active agreement with you or your company. Once the agreement is terminated, we will retain your personal data for as long as we are required to do so by law, including accounting law. 

Databreach Procedures

We use an updated firewall, which at all times notifies us if our security has been broken, although this is via a breach in a firewall or a password breach - then we are informed as soon as possible, after which we can take care of the situation. In addition, our firewall provides weekly updates on prevented attempts against our security as well as alarms on increased trial activity so that we are always informed about possible attacks against our (and your) data.

Data rights

Exporting and deleting data

You have the right to access the data we hold about you. You can request to export a file with the personal data we have, including any data you have provided us. If you believe that incorrect or misleading information has been registered, you have the right to have it corrected or object to the processing of your personal information. You can also request that we delete all personal data. This does not include any kind of data that we are obliged to store for administrative, legal or security reasons. If you find that the way we process your personal information is wrong or misleading, you also have the opportunity to send a complaint directly to

Any inquiries regarding the above can be directed to


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